­ ABOUT !. the first concept of Miranda as a radio station (then Radio Miranda) goes back to 1969, and it test broadcast on the medium AM radio band for almost two years with the intention of obtaining one of the then new commercial broadcast licenses that were being issued, the genre of Miranda has always been easy listening pop and country, a genre enjoyed by a large percentage of the population, for myself the driving force behind the station, I have spent many happy years involved in other areas of radio, from local radio and Hospital radio, to having spent the last 10+ years working in community radio both as a presenter and technician, I hope you enjoy some of the great music played here on Miranda country, Thanks for your support as a listener, and don't forget please do leave us some feedback on our facebook page, (Here), it really will help us.­

<<   The Main Playout studio at Miranda Country­

 there are also facilities for recording, from another well equiped studio. - Cosy !!­

­The Legal stuff: All the music played on Miranda Country is either non copyright or covered by our current               license



OUR MUSIC. the music library at Miranda is impressive with a total of some 85.000­ tracks available 3000 of these being country ranging from early Carter Family Mountain and Blue grass genre to modern country and Irish country music which is really big at this time, so if you enjoy the music played on Miranda Country do come and join our facebook page by visiting the link below.­

This is something we are very proud of, as supporting musicians both new and old is and always has been a priority of ours, we know how hard it is for artists to get a break in the music industry, something I feel really strongly about, talented people  in any field always deserve to be recognised.


A lot of work has been going on here at Mirandacountry.org, the station is sounding much better with additional tracks added and a better playlist selection system, the 3000+ Country Tracks have been divided into 7 playlists which gives a more random selection when not running in cloud play mode. we are also working on further tracks to be added by the spring 2021

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